Our Capabilities

Devoting more time and resources to focus on your requirements and the performance of your portfolio.

Much of what Oak Stone Limited does is silently and dependably underpinned by our faith in the technology we utilize to ensure that our operations run efficiently.

To this end, Oak Stone Limited devotes considerable revenue to maintaining and improving our key trading and support systems.

Technology can never truly, be expected to function as a viable substitute for an experienced professional but it can and does enable our investment professionals and the dedicated, highly-trained administrative infrastructure supporting them.

From the latest trading platforms and price feeds to the most accurate portfolio pricing software, Oak Stone Limited leaves no stone unturned in our quest to improve the service we provide.

Oak Stone Limited’s teams of highly-skilled analysts and researchers rely upon this technology to continually keep in-house strategists apprised of the latest market information releases.

From geo-political events with global implications and central bank monetary policy decisions to quarterly corporate results and government fiscal policy decisions all are considered essential in constructing the solutions our clients depend upon to enhance and conserve their wealth.