Client Services

So that we may design the most appropriate portfolio strategy, we adhere to a proven, time-honored process.

The first steps in our portfolio management process enable us to define a strategic asset allocation between the various asset classes. This may change from time to time as necessary and is mostly dependent on changing circumstances or overall market conditions. This methodology ensures that overall investment goals are met and that risk is minimized.

Once we have determined the most appropriate strategic asset allocation, we commence the construction of your bespoke segregated portfolio attuned to your investment objectives, tax situation and other unique circumstantial characteristics. After consulting our research team for their overall assessment of the prevailing market conditions and the risk/reward characteristics of individual positions, we will identify the most appropriate entry points before executing the initial investing process.

We go to great lengths at Oak Stone Limited to ensure that your portfolio is constructed efficiently. For instance, it may be more economical to invest smaller amounts via the use of pooled funds that mirror the performance of segregated accounts.

In keeping with our mandate, we will monitor your portfolio and report our findings to you on a monthly and quarterly basis. We furnish you with periodic reviews  and, if you so desire, we will invite you to attend quarterly presentations given by our senior partners.

It is important that your investment portfolio is optimally structured to meet the agreed-upon investment objectives now and into the future. To this end, we usually recommend that you authorize us to work with your key advisors in areas like tax and estate planning.

Our unique fact-finding process aims to identify your priorities and aspirations and forms the foundation upon which your portfolio is constructed. We pay homage to the individuality of our clients by assigning an investment professional to you. Oak Stone Limited devise personalized investment portfolios with a resolute commitment to ensuring that our clients maximize their returns whilst, at the same time, safeguarding their initial capital investment.

The impressive investment returns consistently achieved by Oak Stone Limited are the result of the painstaking development and evolution of our core strategy over many man-years and, as you would expect, it shapes the foundation for our strategic investment decisions.

By remaining completely independent of all other institutions, and by not holding client assets, we deftly avoid conflicts of interest. Our adept administrations work in the interests of our clients and no one else’s.As stewards of your wealth, we employ a simple, transparent fee structure regardless of the size of the portfolio we construct for you. Oak Stone Limited neither seeks nor obtains any remuneration from any companies we recommend.

Oak Stone Limited seeks to drive innovation in investment procedure. We have adopted a plethora of innovations including security pricing methodology, electronic trading, fresh approaches to custody and dedicated client teams, which are now widely established throughout the industry.