Wealth Management

Our services are delivered with the consummate professionalism that our clients demand.

Our Investment professionals are committed to providing clients with a caliber of investment advice, guidance and return on investment.

At Oak Stone Limited, we recognize that the circumstances of our clients are continually evolving.

Our investment professionals are committed to ensuring that flexibility is built-in to each and every aspect of your portfolio.  What this means for you is that, should your circumstances change, you will not find your financial movement hampered by punitive costs to surrender or sell an investment nor will any of the assets within the portfolio be of a type that the market for them is illiquid.

Oak Stone Limited independence and our ability to embrace innovative investment techniques means that we are able to utilize any combination of a broad range of asset classes and investment tools including currency hedging, equities, commodities and corporate and government bonds to build a personalized, bespoke portfolio that is targeted towards the returns you need whilst seeking to minimize instances of capital erosion. 

Oak Stone Limited’s clients tend to have long-standing investments which they, understandably, wish to retain. We encourage them to avoid asset liquidation unless absolutely necessary.

Our investment professionals have encountered every conceivable asset allocation combination and you can rest assured that their analysis of any existing asset within your legacy investment portfolio will take account of the potential for growth – or loss – inherent therein.

Oak Stone Limited devise personalized investment portfolios with a resolute commitment to ensuring that our clients maximize their returns whilst, at the same time, safeguarding their initial capital investment.

The impressive investment returns consistently achieved by Oak Stone Limited are the result of the painstaking development and evolution of our core strategy over many man-years and, as you would expect, it shapes the foundation for our strategic investment decisions.