Research & Analysis

Oak Stone Limited's highly-professional teams of stock and industry analysts have wide-ranging securities market research experience and are well-qualified.

Our research is fully comprehensive and unbiased. Moreover, we build and nurture strategic partnerships with firms and organizations around the world to further expand the exceptional pertinence of our own coverage.

Our portfolio managers and traders rely on the securities data our research teams produce to enable them to make considered investment decisions.

Every security or asset that we recommend to our clients has been pored over by our analysts and researchers who have left no stone unturned in their efforts to provide an honest and balanced assessment of risk versus reward.

Before a stock is even presented to our portfolio managers, our research team conduct fundamental analysis on the issuing company and the outlook for the industries or sectors in which it operates before weighing that outlook against the prevailing macroeconomic backdrop and cyclical factors in the economy.

Such is the depth of our research that only a handful of companies make it to our conviction buy list each quarter.