CEO Statement

Oak Stone Limited Board of Directors uphold the value and principles of the company, and serve as an inspiration for the whole team.

The board’s role at Oak Stone Limited plays a central part, as it is responsible for the major decisions that will direct the company’s future.

Every board meeting contains pivotal information and decisions where our different strategies are monitored, examined and adapted.

Their function is to implement innovative changes that will help the company adapt to new market challenges. The relationship between the Board and the company’s management team, consultants, and administrators, is based on cooperation, timely feedback, communication and mutual agreement.

In addition to strategic problems and innovations, the board discusses new members of the company, as well as the promotion of existing skilled employees. Each year, the board organizes at least one meeting dedicated to new talent, making sure we encourage professional and passionate people to fill the best positions for them.

Welcome to Oak Stone Limited.

I have great pleasure and feel proud every time I share Oak Stone Limited’s achievements, and I am happy to discuss with you the plans and projections for the coming years. Each year, I have more enthusiasm for the new depths Oak Stone Limited reaches.

We have carried out significant investments to expand our business and maintain a leading role in the arena coupled with helping new clients find their way to financial security and independence.

We always try to combine the successful implementation of new projects and ideas and integrate that with perfecting our results and achievements.

The financial world is known as an unpredictable environment, and this is the challenge we embrace. Our solutions come from adapting by applying new methodology, implementing advanced technologies and engaging talented individuals in order to develop our range of services.

More importantly, the market brings opportunities for us all to learn and utilize new adaptation methods to turn around an uncertain future in a healthy one, both for our company and our clients.

Kindest Regards,

Mr. Yuan Kang
Chief Executive Officer