Our Heritage

Oak Stone Limited is an independent wealth management company, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

Oak Stone Limited was established in late 2014 within the financial heart of Taipei, Taiwan. The company has since grown into a leading wealth management company in the Asia-pacific region, serving both individual clients and institutions.

Oak Stone limited provides clients with insightful investment capabilities that help maintain, grow and preserve the wealth of individuals, families and corporate institutions.

Oak Stone Limited currently employees over one hundred employees to date, from our experienced financial traders, account managers to our in-house research department. As of 2020, Oak Stone Limited holds over $5.38 billion U.S. Dollars of assets under management for over three thousand individual clients and corporate institutions combined.

Here at Oak Stone Limited, we are proud of the fact that we offer our clients impartial information and access to global capital markets. We go one step further in discovering the latest developments around the world from east to west.

Our diverse range of markets includes Global Equities, Commodities, Fixed-Income and Foreign Currencies which are all available to trade with various financial instruments such as Cash products, Leveraged products, Futures and Options.

At Oak Stone Limited, our philosophy has been to provide individuals with a platform where they can access the financial markets, regardless of investment knowledge or a particular level of confidence, we are here to assist our clients with better-informed decisions.

We believe that how we operate as a business is just as important as what we provide to our clients. Oak Stone Limited strives to achieve satisfactory results while benefiting our clients and strengthening our relationships. Our values as a company are central to achieving these goals.